Press Releases

In 2014, I developed press releases and managed media outreach to support key collaboration announcements for the business, and product updates.

With my responsibilities, I interviewed the project leaders to ensure messaging was on point with the purpose of the business initiative, and to ensure an appropriate media outreach plan was enacted. For key press releases, follow up interviews were scheduled with major genetics news outlets, for continued coverage of the news. With that effort, I  have maintained relationships with Genome Web, Genetic Engineering News, and other key life science and genetics news outlets.

Stratos Genomics – Major Investment

Garvan Institute – Collaboration/Partnership

AbVitro – Technology Acquisition

NimbleGen Brochures & Flyers

As marketing manager for NimbleGen, I managed our sales collateral and writing the communications for these pieces. Each flyer & brochure were written in conjunction with a subject matter expert in target enrichment: I wrote the introductory sections to highlight the applications the market and product benefits, while a product manager or R&D expert would provide the technical background on data provided herein. Both sections were edited by the team for consistency.

SeqCap Brochure

SeqCap EZ Target Enrichment System Brochure

SeqCap EZ Designs - Comprehensive Cancer Design

SeqCap EZ Designs – Comprehensive Cancer Design – Flyer

SeqCap EZ Designs - Neurology Panel Design

SeqCap EZ Designs – Neurology Panel Design